Who are we?

We are a team of scientists and experts in computer science, applied mathematics and engineers with a vast experience in industries spanning energy, health, consumer products, defense and finance.

Treillint Lab Research

Treillint was founded with a vocation to solve industry problems usin Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learnin.

CEO Founder

More than 25 years of experience, expert in building algorithms and heuristics with a background in physics, applied mathematics and computer science. Research and Development in Petrochemical, Telecom, Finance. 

VP Product Applications

Subject Matter Expert, research in methodologies on how to effectively apply out products to the product formulation space and in general to the decision making process.

VP Software Engineering

Specialist if R&D of AI architecture that supports the requirements for Machine Learning and Knowledge Engineering.

VP Knowledge Engineering

Responsible for building and maintaining ontologies as related to the various subject matter expertise.

Our Team Consists of highly qualified scientists and engineer with years in R&D.